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CAMILLE MAURINE is the creator of Moving Theater and the director of CoMMiT (Camille Maurine's Moving Theater). Camille's work, called kinAesthetics, focusses on the aesthetics of experience, accessing the richness of inner and outer life through heightened body awareness, movement and meditative states. Her Moving Theater workshops bring those revelations into creative expression through a unique performance mode involving movement, sound, and speech. Marrying energy sensing with poetic, artistic perception, this process is deeply informative and integrating for body and soul.

Work with Camille:

Just starting up ...Moving Theater ~ “Invocation” ~ Weekly Workshop with Camille Maurine at Continuum in Santa Monica CA ~ Wednesdays, 7 to 10pm, May 11 thru July 20, 2011. A Level II Moving Theater TransPerformance series for women, with open house performances. Ignite your creativity. Embody your full feminine energies. Express the Theater of your Soul... Contact Camille. 310 821-0620.

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One-On-One: To set up a private session (including phone sessions) with Camille, email or call 310 821-0620.

Moving Theater
With Camille Maurine
All levels
Wednesdays at Continuum, Santa Monica
Stay centered in your creative power!

Together we ride the waves of our personal / collective energies into creativity, transformation, and awe.
Reveal the
"Theater of the Soul" through movement, voice and breathwork, improv, and journaling.

Share your stories, visions, and dreams

A great way to dive into the practices of Moving Theater. For all levels of experience - returning players and those new to the process. Limited to 12 participants. Register now with early bird discount.

Continuum Studio at the 18th Streets Arts Center, 1629 18th St. Studio #7 in Santa Monica.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call Camille at 310 821-0620.

Cancellation Policy: Your registration reserves your place. If you must cancel before *** we will refund your payment minus $100. No refunds after *** unless we fill your spot.

Each series is a lively plunge into the roots of Moving Theater, as developed by Camille Maurine. Drawing from her 30 years exploration of dance, theater, meditation, integrative bodywork, Continuum, and Jungian soulwork, Camille considers Moving Theater a living creative process, a healing path, a profound psychic journey, and an inspiring spiritual practice. The class format encourages all individuals to be at their own appropriate creative edge. Through subtle and dynamic movement, breath, voice, and energy work, you will free yourself from old physical, mental, and emotional patterns. With solo improv experiments as well meaningful interaction with others, you will go to your next level of embodied expression and vitality.


"Camille Maurine is pure, unadulterated magic in motion. 
She leads you with movement, vocalizing and writing into the back roads of your psyche
and along the way you find delightful pieces of your SELF you never realized existed. 
Moving Theater is a step into a new realm: it's a trip!"
Sand Brim, Gallery Owner and Activist


kinAesthetics DANCE YOGA for Women

Please contact Camille about next series

Dance your beauty, wildness and grace!

These classes are designed specifically for women's bodies and psyches and are open to all levels. Lovingly guided by Camille, they are a fluid, organic blend of yoga, dance, meditation, and Continuum. Here you have space for yourself to stretch, strengthen, deepen, and open – at your own pace – a healthful, sensuous, fun way to tune up your body and heart! Based on the practices put forth in
Meditation Secrets for Women.



Private sessions with Camille are available by appointment in person or by phone. These body-based explorations are tuned to your individual needs and desires, addressing any level of movement in your life, particularly effective during times of transition. We sit together, talk, and investigate how your energy is wanting to unfold, always listening to the messages from your body and psyche. Sessions can include customized meditation, subtle and expressive movement, breathwork, voiceplay, and other forms of creative embodiment. Phone sessions are a surprising effective means of support as well. Contact Camille to set up an appointment for either form of one-to-one consultation.

Camille Maurine
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310 821-0620

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