Resources for Your Quest

Keep coming back for updates to these suggestions. For starters, here are a few choice individuals whose work I heartily recommend:

Dr. Lorin Roche,

Susan Harper,
Continuum Montage

Emilie Conrad,

Jennifer Louden,
Comfort Queen

Dr. Sheri Meyers Gantman,
Straight from the Heart

Maureen Simon, women's leadership and business development -
Maureen Simon Consulting

Shiva Rea,

Jessica Fleming and Misha Crosbie of New Zealand,
SoulPath Journeys

Music Recommendations

Musical tastes are intensely individual, particularly in what creates a feeling tone helpful for meditation. That being said, here are some unusual pieces that women we have worked with enjoy:

Soft and Gentle
Sunyata and Offerings, by Vas
A BoneCroneDrone and Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices by Sheila Chandra
Eight String Religion, by David Darling
Himalaya, Yatra and Dorje Ling, by David Parsons
Shamanic Dream, by Anugama
El Hadra: the Mystik Dance by Klaus Wiese, et al.

Emotionally Evocative
The Mirror Pool, by Lisa Gerrard
Earth Heart, by Vicki Hansen
Symphony #3, by Henryk Gorecki
Cello Solos
Gabriel Faure’s Requiem
Passion: Music for The Last Temptation Of Christ
, by Peter Gabriel

Drum Rhythms
Percussive Environments, by Jim McGrath
Medicine Trance by Professor Trance
At The Edge, by Mickey Hart