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Here are a few radio/video interviews and pieces I have written for magazines and e-zines.
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A video interview by Arian Young of The Intrinsic Group with Lorin & Camille at Esalen, June 2011:

See a recent essay on “Intimacy” by Camille Maurine : Life By Me

Camille Maurine, Dr. Judith Orloff, Deena Metzger ~ CREATIVITY, CONSCIOUSNESS, HEALTH & HEALING ~ Scripps College, Claremont, CA. On February 26th, 2011, three powerful women artists, creators, and healers discussed what creativity and consciousness have to do with health and healing. The event was moderated by Alummna-in-Residence, Bella Mahaya Carter. Details.
Scripps, Deena, Judith, Camille
Deena, Judith, Camille

For an illuminating written interview with Camille and Lorin about MEDITATION SECRETS FOR WOMEN, visit the
Exploring Womanhood website. Also check out their book endorsement at:

Camille is featured as the "meditation expert" in the first edition of THE KALI GUIDE, a wonderful directory of resources for women edited by Stelli Munni. This is a great introduction to why women need their own approach as put forth in Meditation Secrets for Women. Read it by clicking here.

“On Female Energy and Creativity” ~ Listen to a chat between Camille and Jennifer Louden, host of "LoudenClear" on Martha Stewart's satellite radio, about Female Energy and how to honor, cultivate, and get comfortable with it. Camille and Jennifer teach the Women's Creativity Spa.

"Your Real Body" ~ an article Camille wrote at Jennifer Louden's request for her marvelous website and newsletter, can be found on here. Jennifer is the author of the Woman's Comfort Book series, and the book, Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, which I heartily recommend.

"The Dance of Life" ~ An in-depth article on movement, body, and spirit written by Camille for Crescent Magazine (Spring, 2003). Read the article by clicking here.

Check out this meditation article in
Body & Soul. This was the first issue since the magazine was bought by Martha Stewart's Whole Living, and I’m proud to be part of it (the June 2005).

The "Evolve" section of the March issue of
Body and Soul Magazine also had an article on us, our book, and female-centered meditation. Thank you, Kyle Roderick, for helping to articulate why practices designed especially for women are so important.

Keep your eyes peeled for the article in
"Pink Magazine", wherein I was interviewed about meditation for busy career women by Christine Fennessy. I do not yet know which issue it will appear in.

"In Moving" ~ Camille's prose/poem was published in the Elmwood Institute Newsletter on "Art and Spirit” (Winter, 1990). Read

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