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Camille Maurine April 2011 - 2sm

Camille Maurine is the author of Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7. She has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, and her work has been featured in Self, Shape, Yoga Journal, Body and Soul, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Fit Magazine, Spa Magazine, Crescent Magazine, Elle, and others. Camille gives keynote talks, performances, and seminars for groups such as The Inside Edge, C.G. Jung Institutes, and international conferences on psychology, art, somatics, and spirituality. Camille has been honored as the “meditation expert” for The Kali Guide: A Directory of Resources for Women, Exploring Womanhood, and The Open Grove. A dancer versed in the performing and healing arts, she is the creator of kinAesthetics and Moving Theater, a transformative creative process.

Here are a few fertile topics for lectures, conferences, and other special events:

~ Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace

~ Meditation 24/7: Practices to Enlighten Every Moment of the Day

~ The Moving Theater of Life

~ Female Energy and Creativity

~ Syzygy: The Yin Yang Yoga of Love, Health, and Creativity

Photo: Giving Keynote address for Soul Path Journeys, April 2011, Auckland NZ

"...An amazingly talented woman...Dazzling energy and provocative inquiry and observation...
You evoked such precious and sincere sharing from our group.
Some of our members have been at the Inside Edge every week for 19 years.
You created an environment for them to feel safe to reveal insecurity and speak from the deepest level."

- The Inside Edge


Camille is delighted to design a presentation specifically for your group.

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