Our Meditation Secrets for Women community is a vibrant, empowering connection with a diverse group of women around the world. For the past seven years of the Course, we've had a splendid range of livelihood, geography, and experience all decades of age, from the 20’s to the 80’s an array of individual differences shared within the deep commonality of womanhood.

Many of the women have been on the journey for most (or all!) of the prior years, stating that each round through the
12 Secrets reveals important new depths and insights. Some have even become my authorized teachers, several of whom are helping facilitate the 2018 Course, Living in Love's Body.

Our web of connection is astonishingly nourishing, intimate, and enlivening – truly a Sanctuary of Love. Having this context to commune and communicate with women around our Planet is deeply meaningful to me personally, and a primary reason I continue to offer the
Meditation Secrets for Women Course.

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After a couple of rounds of the Course, inspired by the transformation being expressed, I invited a select number of women to participate in a two-year facilitator training and mentoring program, as a context to go deeper into our
Female Energy Ecology. Now there are 14 women who are fully authorized to share this embodied wisdom in their own unique way – this is the circle of Golds. Several others have completed the first year – these are the Emeralds. Those who are or have been members of the global online course we call the Pearls.

You can see our international community of shimmering hearts on this beautiful global map. Seeing us all here always tickles my heart. Wherever you are on Planet Earth, we welcome you to join us!

Authorized Gold Teachers

Golds have successfully completed the full 2-year Facilitator Training and Mentoring Program in Meditation Secrets for Women ~ Evolving Female Energy Ecology. This intensive curriculum involves in-depth study of the 12 Secrets through at least two years of the global online course, group video coaching, private mentoring sessions with Camille, developing personalized practices, and participation and teaching in MSW teleseminars and retreats. These glorious Golds are fully authorized to share the embodied wisdom of the Secrets in their own unique and individual way, including workshops, private sessions, and creative expression, as desired.

Jessica Fleming
Jessica co-directs, offering international Retreat Quests, workshops, mentoring, and counseling for women's personal and spiritual empowerment. We emphasize creative expression and harmonious group work, particularly through the templates of the Chartres 11-circuit Labyrinth and the Chakra system. Jessica is particularly skilled in the esoteric science of Numerology.  She is the co-author of ELIXIR: Women's Quest For Wholeness (forward by Camille Maurine). Please visit our website for further information. Jessica fully and completely aligns on every level with her soul sister, Camille, and her Secrets for Women Awakening.
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Elisabeth Crago
Elisabeth has been studying with Camille and the Meditation Secrets for Women team since the first course was offered back in 2010.  Elisabeth has an extensive background in women’s health and wellness, grounded in the principles of female energy ecology.  She has an interest in internalized cultural norms and strategies to break those entrained patterns.  She has performed her own work on reclaiming an authentic Eve and developed a workshop in which women have the opportunity to reclaim their own First Woman reality.  In relationship with an African-American man, Elisabeth relies on MSW techniques to understand and mitigate racial stereotypes and their effects on personal and cultural relationships.  A poet and non-fiction writer, Elisabeth is completing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and using her diverse interests and experiences to ground and inform her personal memoir.
Location: Pittsburgh PA, USA

Kimberlee Orenstein
Kimberlee Orenstein’s current mantra is “Bust out, get naked, be inspired.” She wow-fully seeks new dimensions of yoga practice, teaching and directing Yoga Loka in Reno, NV where she is also the catalyst for a local circle of Meditation Secrets for Women that comes together regularly in recognition that we NEED these practices and EACH OTHER to support our passions, pleasures, and inner peace.
A few gems of Kim's embodied wisdom: Opening to space and noticing that a lot happens when simply listening. Remembering that less is more and that doing what we love can actually be a service.  Kimberlee is available for one-on-one coaching in, on, and around the meditation secrets.
Location: Reno NV, USA

Sera Crandell
Sera Crandell has found her calling through the practice of engaging deeply with life and love, whether she is focusing on her personal life or working with her private clients. Her eclectic skills as a yoga and Pilates instructor, bodyworker, meditation guide, and somatic therapist create a broad vision that helps her support every individual in a unique and special way.  Coupling this with her personal experience of trauma and some intense life challenges, especially in her family relationships, Sera brings a distinctive wisdom and insight to her work with clients or any group she connects with.  She has been a part of the Meditation Secrets for Women group since its inception in 2010, having fallen in love with the practices and Camille’s powerful presence since the day they met in September 2009.
Location: Thurmont/Frederick MD, USA

Julia Perch, MD
I was born in Ukraine, came to live in America 19 years ago. I am a single mom and a psychiatrist with special interest and experience in Women's and reproductive psychiatry. I have helped many women to heal from traumatic experiences such as abuse, neglect, and other adversity. I especially enjoy working with difficulties in mother-daughter relationships, along with issues of sexuality, intimacy, and sexual polarity in a couple. 

I discovered Camille's work some 11 years ago, and it completely revolutionized my understanding of who I am as a woman; what my needs and desires are, and how I can live my life with passion and purpose. I credit Camille and her work for awakening the erotic dimension of my being. Without the Secrets, I honestly don't know if I would ever discover what it's like to be truly, wholly in love, with my entire body and my soul. 

Currently I pursue a vocation of a writer, and a storyteller. Most of what I write about was inspired, dreamt, envisioned during my years with Camille, and under her wise and loving guidance. I am available for private sessions incorporating Meditation Secrets for Women.
Location: Long Beach CA, USA & Donetsk, Ukraine

Melanie Foust
Melanie Foust is a yoga teacher and artist based in Seattle, Washington. A classically trained dancer with degrees in Interdisciplinary Visual Art and Dance from the University of Washington, Melanie has spent her life in the arts and continues to explore art, yoga, and dance as converging forms of healing. Since 2008, she has helped facilitate yoga and meditation teacher training programs led by world renowned teachers Shiva Rea, Lorin Roche, and Camille Maurine. She is an editor of the book The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga and Wonder of Delight by Lorin Roche, PhD and is the co-creator of Radiance Sutras Vinyasa, an embodied approach to meditation.

Melanie shares: "I
first met Camille through Lorin during my yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea in 2008. Astonished by the beautiful, powerfully healing practices, I started to integrate the Radiance Sutras and practices I learned from Meditation Secrets for Women into my teaching and bodywork sessions. Especially called to help women explore their sense of creativity and freedom in meditation through movement, I offer one-on-one sessions and workshops."
Location: Seattle WA, USA

Sally McGrew
Sally McGrew began her personal journey with Meditation Secrets for Women in 2009. She came to the  inner circle with a variety of skill sets including a professional  background in Silicon Valley High Tech Sales, Services and Marketing with additional executive skills in owning and operating Alfredo McGrew's Pizza Chain and Publisher/ Editor of WeConnect, a magazine designed to connect and support the evolution of humanity. With an obsession to know and love herself she began a daily yoga practice. This practice lead her to become a Yoga Teacher in 2006. In 2009 Sally was introduced to the book, Meditation Secrets for Women. She met Camille Maurine in 2010.  After exploring and experiencing her feminine energies with Camille since then, Sally is now a certified facilitator who joyfully with great passion, pleasure and inner peace invites all women to unleash these Secrets within themselves.  Sally teaches yoga and meditation in the United States and Mexico.  She lives with her husband Richard and dog Melvin, the Magical Mexican Maltese.
Location: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and Canton, Ohio

Jennifer Andrews
Jenn Andrews is the founder of Yoga Sol Yoga and Meditation Studio in Carson City, Nevada.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Jenn has been studying yoga for over 19 years and meditation for over 7 years with Camille Maurine and Dr. Lorin Roche. It brings her great pleasure and fulfillment to offer meditation classes based on their teachings. Jenn's passions are yoga, meditation, nature and being active in the outdoors, and her family which she adores. She has been married to Jim, her groom for 24 years and has three children, Zachary, Shane, and Michelle.
Location: Carson City, NV

Jennifer Rapp Keller
Jennifer Keller is an educator specializing in integrative approaches to the vitality of mind, body, and heart. With a doctorate of philosophy, Jennifer has been a professor since 2006. In 2014 she founded her business Self to Soul Education through which she offers transformative wellness sojourns for women. Her newest venture as an educator and certified yoga and meditation instructor is to connect the worlds of wellness and wine in Washington state's Columbia Valley area, where she lives with her husband. Author of Ordinary Oblivion: The Self Unmoored (under Jennifer Rapp), her reflective essays on female experience can be read and subscribed to via Facebook at Jennifer Rapp Sojourns.
Location: Columbia River Valley, WA

Lisa Sawyer
Lisa’s yoga and meditation journey began more than 17 years ago, but feels like she’s been moving in the pulsation of love and learning her entire life.  Lisa has more than 2000 hours of teaching and more than 2000 hours of training. She’s passionate about creating a “sacred space” for her students to share their truths through movement and meditation.

Lisa fell in love with the practice of Meditation Secrets for Women and credits her ability to navigate difficult life circumstances with her daily practice.  She has been married to her best friend for 30 years and has two wonderful sons. You can find Lisa teaching classes, privates, and workshops throughout Orlando, Florida.
Location: Orlando, FL

Patti Shelton, MD
Patti is a yoga and meditation teacher with a background in medicine. She is a Gold-level Meditation Secrets for Women facilitator, and is also studying in the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training program, in addition to having taken several yoga teacher trainings. Patti holds a bachelor's degree in neurobiology and a doctorate in medicine, and her scientific background informs her teaching, resulting in the creation of unique experiences for her students. She teaches in several yoga teacher training programs, focusing primarily on anatomy, and is the author of the book The Yoga Doctor, published in 2015. Patti is married and a mother of two children, a son and a daughter, who are a continual source of wonder.

Patti offers group workshops and classes around the Seattle area. She's also available for private group meditation sessions (which can include yoga if desired), as well as for individual meditation coaching. Individual sessions focus on discovering the practices that work best for you, to support your healing, transformation, and continued wellness on all levels. In addition, Patti offers retreats worldwide, which include both outer and inner explorations.
Location: Seattle, WA

Wendy Derksen
Wendy is a life coach and meditation teacher of many years in corporate settlngs as well as private sessions, classes, and retreats. She is the owner of the company, Wede Consult. Wendy joined the Meditation Secrets for Women training in 2014, and now offers workshops for women based in this embodied approach, using the Dutch translation of the book. Wendy also creates artwork inspired by her intimate connection to nature, and enjoys creating life with her husband Paul.
Location: Huissen, Netherlands

Yvonne (Vonnie June) Kendall
Meditation was new to me when I was introduced to MSW.  That was over four years ago and today I cannot imagine my life without this meditation practice.  I am proof that these secrets can work for everyone.  After experiencing a life changing injury, I left the financial industry and started a small business in 2013, a food truck that makes Maryland Style Crabcakes and other family favorites.  

MSW provided the tools for me to overcome the daily frustration of not being able to perform like I could before the accident, and joyfully live and love this new version of myself.  My current mantra is, "Flowing through each day in Love's Body, on the ride of my life!"  I am currently available for private group or individual meditation sessions, to support healing and transformation for others who desire to live an authentic life, built on a foundation of love.
Location: Marina del Rey, CA

Ivy Trent
Ivy Trent purchased the first edition of Meditation Secrets for Women and has been with Camille by way of Moving Theater since 2003 and with MSW since 2014. Retired from the realms of rare books and manuscripts, and facsimile publishing, she practices Authentic Movement with a peer group of women of age and pursues her interests in Jungian archetypalism, archaeology, and arcana. She is married to an astronomer, is a Wicked Stepmother, and serves the whims of her cat and dog.

She toileth not, neither doth she counsel, nor doth she teach.
Location: Altadena, CA

Authorized Emerald Teachers

These Emeralds have completed Year One of the full two-year Facilitator Training in Meditation Secrets for Women. The first year curriculum includes an intensive study of the 12 Secrets through the global online course, group video coaching, private mentoring sessions with Camille, active participation in MSW retreats, developing embodied practices, and demonstrating this transformative wisdom in life. They are authorized to teach the Secrets in small groups.

  • Aimee Tomczak ~ Oakland CA, USA
  • Casey Marie Smith ~ Santa Monica CA, USA
  • Eva Burns ~ Manama, Bahrain
  • Katya Hropova ~ Tallinn, Estonia & Big Sur CA, USA
  • Raven Nalika Rose ~ Los Angeles CA, USA

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