Join Author Camille Maurine and our global community of women for…

“Living in Love's Body”

A Journey through the 12 Secrets for Awakening
Deep Pleasure, Passion, and Inner Peace

Not just meditation, but a way of life!

New 12-Week Course beginning in June!


This online course is based on the living wisdom in Meditation Secrets for Women. Receive weekly support and gentle guidance to help you thrive in meditation, creativity, and love.

If you are ready to:

  • Discover more joy and freedom in meditation and in life
  • Claim your inner authority and authentic creative power
  • Open to deeper intimacy, sensuality, and love
  • Embody your sacred feminine essence

Then welcome home to Love's Body!

Living and loving fully takes practice. That's why having embodied practices is important – ways of tuning all our energies so we can show up resourceful, responsive, and ready for life. I call this our
female energy ecology.

Meditation can be sacred Self-Care, profound support for every level of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. To get the deepest, lasting benefits, you need an approach that honors your woman's way of being, and whatever is going on in your body, heart, and life.

For most women I know, life is full on, stretching us in many ways:

  • The thrill – and stress – of going for it in career and creative expression
  • The joys – and challenges – of intimate relationship
  • Bodily changes and the brave journey of healing
  • Upheaval in home or family
  • Caring for loved ones in need

Even the good stuff is intense. Powerful. Vulnerable. 

You may be in a major life transition. You may be juggling many tasks, so busy taking care of the world that your own sweet Self is the last to get tended. Exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, irritability, discouragement, or even depression are all too common.

I understand. I’ve been there. The outer pull of activity can seem fragmenting. Alienating. Unsustainable. It’s not easy to keep our energies flowing and balanced in the midst of so much intensity.

Having access to a
circle of wise support and meditations you love can make all the difference in the world. We all need help – no shame in that! So let’s talk.

Let’s explore meditation, movement, and awareness practices that help you stay
centered as you move through the world, in touch with your own creative essence, and open to the flow of love in all your relationships – in the way that is meaningful to YOU.

I am especially inspired to share
this next journey with you. With the challenges we currently face on both personal and collective levels, it is even more crucial to have this Sanctuary of Love to create a sustainable, life-affirming world – starting right here in our own bodies and hearts.

We join together on behalf of all women,
on behalf of the larger body of humanity,
and on behalf this Earth

Living in Love's Body is an in-depth immersion and training in the life-affirming approach from our book:

Meditation Secrets for Women
Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace
By Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, Ph.D.
(HarperOne, 2001)

On this journey, we delve into the 12 Secrets of energy ecology that every woman needs to know. Whether you are a teacher of yoga or meditation or new on the path, this course gives you a deeper foundation in what works for the female body and psyche, and for your individual nature and life.

If you are not familiar with the book, you may wonder what type of meditation we propose. This approach does not adhere to a specific tradition, yet it is informed by many. No dogma here. Lorin and I know from our decades of teaching that women are natural meditators. Rather than impose a structure from the outside, in this course, you learn to claim and cooperate with your innate wisdom to find healthy, pleasurable ways to meditate. We call this
Instinctive Meditation.

Female meditative practices are not “one size fits all.” No dry and rigid discipline for us. Women must have more than one entry into meditation, so that we can meet ourselves in a healthy way no matter what is going on in our world, in our bodies, and in our hearts. That’s why there are 12 Secrets – luscious, love-drenched, life-giving gateways to the Self.

essential to find what works for you and your individual life, awareness practices that you love and want to do. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced inner traveler, your practice should evolve as you evolve – now, doesn’t that just make sense?

Now, in case you:
  • Think you don't have time to meditate
  • Know meditation is good for you, but don’t really enjoy it
  • Experience self-doubt and worry when you meditate
  • Are afraid you are doing it wrong
  • Feel you’re no good at meditation and have given up

You are not alone. Come and let me show you how easy, natural, and yummy meditation can be. And guess what – meditating can even create more time!

“Meditation for the 21st Century”
“This course is more than just meditation, it’s a course about life and beyond. It’s meditation for the 21st century.”
Arian Young, Melbourne, Australia

“A supportive womb of transformation”
“I recommend this course to any woman who is interested in learning to meditate or deepening/expanding the practice they already have. The calls and guided meditation practices enhance the use of the book and cater to any learning style. Even though it is an internet program, the support and intimacy is abundant and the collective of women helps contain my process in a supportive womb of transformation.”
Kimberlee Orenstein, Founding Director, Yoga Loka Reno, Nevad

“An embodied, feminine base as I move through the world.”
"Fantastic! I have loved all the calls, your wisdom coupled with laughter and good humor. It is truly a remarkable program which I know is helping to heal the planet and lift all of us. I am so glad to have this embodied, feminine base as I move through the world of men and texts. It keeps me grounded and I know that I am not alone as I traverse this territory."
Eva Burns, writer, mother, student of ancient wisdom, Bahrain


The book and this course encompass a complete body of work, beginning with my first formal meditation in 1972 to developing this approach and teaching thousands of women (and always learning). Along the way, the practices have taken on depth with my training as a dancer and body therapist, studies in Jungian psychology, yoga, and immersion in Continuum Movement since the early 80’s. Not to mention, for 34 years I've been cross-pollinating with Dr. Lorin Roche, my husband and co-author, and one of the most comprehensive and insightful meditation teachers on the Planet.

The book itself provides a nifty structure and syllabus for the Course.


  • Secret #1: Celebrate Your Senses
  • Secret #2: Honor Your Instincts
  • Secret #3: Claim Your Inner Authority
  • Secret #4: Be Tender with Yourself
  • Secret #5: Dwell in Your Inner Sanctuary
  • Secret #6: Answer the Call
  • Secret #7: Ride Your Rhythms
  • Secret #8: Say Yes to Every Part of Yourself
  • Secret #9: Rest in Simplicity
  • Secret #10: Do Not Fear the Depths
  • Secret #11: Love Your Body
  • Secret #12: Live It Up!

These liberating Secrets bust open the stereotypes and show you how natural, vibrant, and pleasurable meditation can be:

  • Tap into your inner roots and draw strength, nourishment, and inspiration
  • Experience profound release of tension
  • Get vital energy from all of your emotions
  • Celebrate your sensuality, inner beauty, and flow
  • Honor your instincts and inner authority
  • Cooperate with your hormones and biorhythms
  • Connect to your primordial female power
  • Move and breathe in your divine essential being

When Meditation Secrets for Women came out in early 2001, it was the #1 bestselling product under $25 on Amazon. It struck a chord of truth. That chord is resonating even more strongly now!


Camille with baby Israel,
son of Ana Claudia and Tim

Why do I keep doing this work? Because I see profound and lasting transformation. I am in utter awe and wonder at how each woman comes home to her Self, her sacred feminine essence. Each of the past six rounds of the Course has been a fertile, loving journey with amazing women from around the world. With all the challenges we face as citizens of Planet Earth, being together is even more important.

It is my pleasure to share my experience from over four decades of practice and teaching meditation, movement, and creative expression. I am especially passionate about women's spiritual empowerment and embodiment, and love exploring what that means for YOU.

Living in Love's Body, we cultivate intimacy on all the essential levels: with our Self, with Nature, and with the evolutionary energies of Creation. I also highlight how each of the 12 Meditation Secrets can support you in your personal relationships, keeping all your energies flowing and available for love. Yes! From my 34 years (and counting) of creative intimacy with Lorin, my husband and co-author, I can tell you this is absolutely crucial – I practice the Secrets continually!

For all these reasons, I am deeply inspired to share this next adventure with you.

Our Meditation Secrets for Women community is a vibrant, empowering connection with a diverse group of women around the world. In previous years, we've had a splendid range of livelihood, geography, and experience all decades of age, from the 20’s to the 80’s an array of individual differences shared within the deep commonality of womanhood…

Mothers, business owners, homemakers, teachers, scientists, lawyers, doctors, architects, therapists, yoga practitioners, meditation instructors, dancers, artists, healers of all kinds…

Wild women, gentle spirits, passionate and compassionate women awakening to our divine essential nature…
Map Key
Community_Star ~ Participants
GoldStar ~ Gold Teachers
GreenTeacherStar ~ Emerald Teachers

Some have been on the journey together for all six prior years, stating that each time reveals new depths and insights. A number have completed my two-year advanced training and become authorized teachers, who are help to facilitate this course. The global map below includes all the course participants from previous years. We are excited to welcome you to join us!

Especially if you work with women in any professional capacity,
you will want to steep yourself in this embodied wisdom.

Wherever you are on Planet Earth, Living in Love's Body is a context for us to have live interaction and go deeper into the movement of your soul.

“Life-changing messages to my cells and soul.”
“Camille’s online course, Meditation Secrets for Women, is an outstanding opportunity to LIVE her book of the same name. She has the most soothing voice on whose frequencies the material seeped in to my being… life changing messages to my cells and soul. A Master Teacher.”

E. Jessica Fleming, Former Director of the Group Harmonics Retreat Center, Albuquerque, NM and present Co-Director of SoulPath Journeys, Auckland, New Zealand

“An unusual, not to be missed opportunity!”
“I have a whole list of women to whom I suggest the program because of the richness it offers. The opportunity to explore our deepest woman-ness with such a loving group is exceptional. The fact that we can do it from wherever on the planet we are, benefitting also from the richness of the teleconference discussions and Camille's loving support makes this is an unusual, not to be missed, opportunity for personal exploration and growth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Elisabeth Crago, Pittsburgh, PA and Auckland, NZ

“More shimmering, more truthful, more expansive.”
First and foremost, Camille Maurine is the real deal – a one-of-a-kind fully embodied woman who exudes depth, vitality, and vibrancy in all aspects of her teaching and mentorship. In all my experiences of education and women-centered programs, I have never encountered anyone with such a robust and graceful combination of genuine care, deep expertise, and boundless creativity. My life and embodied evolution as a woman are more shimmering, more truthful, and more expansive due to my work with Camille and her Meditation Secrets for Women offering. There is nothing else like this approach to meditation out there; there is no-one else like her to teach it. An unparalleled transformative opportunity.
Jennifer Keller, PhD, Professor, Author of Ordinary Oblivion: The Self Unmoored

Here's the radical truth: You are an incarnation of Divine Creativity in female form. Embrace your next level of embodiment and expression.

Your body and psyche are pulsing with innate wisdom and intelligence, clues to your organic unfoldment of energy. Through
Living in Love's Body, you learn how to follow that wise movement, with yours truly as fierce ally and gentle guide.

This art of awareness allows you to experience more flow of life and love, enhances all your relationships, and ignites your creativity on every level.

Meditation puts us in touch with the larger cosmic body
in which we live and move and have our being:

A field of vibrating energies that gives birth to creation
A body of love that nourishes and sustains us
A network of information that inspires and in-forms us
A movement of evolution that heals and transforms us

The sanctuary of meditation allows your body, mind, and heart to commune with the forces of life and love. It is a sacred time and space in which your nervous system can let go and receive the communication.

“Inspired me creatively and helped me heal at deep layers of my being.”
“Meditation Secrets for Women has brought me into greater intimacy within my meditation practice and my own essential, sensual nature. The skills I’ve cultivated from learning the Secrets have inspired me creatively, and helped me heal at deep layers of my being, instilling within me a true sense of self love and care. I see the inner wisdom of honoring our unique needs and desires serves all our relationships in the world.”
Melanie Foust, Yoga Teacher, Seattle

“Without fail I emerge feeling renewed and more deeply integrated.”
"Camille guides us deeper into the subconscious and visceral realms where the truly transformative shifts happen. I always drift into an altered state of profound relaxation and regeneration as her voice, coupled with the images she evokes, soothe my nervous system and ease my mind. Without fail I emerge feeling renewed and more deeply integrated. Camille’s vast intelligence and practical wisdom, coupled with her refined sensibility and intuitive understanding of how to put people at ease, makes her one of the most dynamic, multi-talented, under-stated, yet powerful teachers I’ve had. She is a rare gem. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Dearbhla Kelly, Teacher of Yoga and Philosophy, Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland

“Opened me more deeply to my own creative spirit.”
"Meditation Secrets for Women opened me more deeply to my own creative spirit, helping me appreciate myself and my unique gifts and grounding me more firmly in my own practice. On a personal level, I married a wonderful man who has been in my life for a long time!"
Sera Crandell, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Frederick, MD

Embodying your Feminine Wisdom
helps awaken and heal the world!

Living in Love's Body is geared towards you and the other women participants. You receive personalized attention according to your desire and soul intention. You also learn valuable tools that enhance your interactions with female clients, family, and friends.

The full course provides a solid foundation and is a prerequisite to join the certified teacher training in Meditation Secrets for Women with Camille Maurine. This curriculum is also an essential element of the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training with Dr. Lorin Roche.

Module 4

This journey through the Secrets consists of four dynamic modules, each with an essential theme.

  1. Strengthening Inner Roots
  2. Tending the Heart
  3. Liberating Shakti
  4. Embodying Soul in the World

Module One provides the foundation for the others, so once you have attended the first module, you may sign up for any or all of the three following modules.

each module, we explore three of the twelve Meditation Secrets, following the structure of the book as well as Camille’s intuitive guidance. Together we visit the theme of the chapter, the Explorations, Skill Circle, and primary Meditations.

For each shimmering Secret you receive an introductory video, guided meditations, instructional teleseminars, live group discussions, and an additional interactive Q&A session with Camille Maurine to address questions, discoveries, or challenges in your meditation practice and Self-Care. This gives added dimension and living reality to what is in the book.

Teleconferences are hosted through a dedicated conference phone line and webpage. You can dial in by phone, use the special Skype connection, or join online via webcast. There are even local and international phone numbers throughout many countries, to eliminate any long distance charges.

You receive the schedule in advance so you can plan to participate live as often as possible. We alternate between different time zones to accommodate participants around the globe.

No worries if you cannot participate live – each call is recorded and you receive a link so that you can listen later whenever it works for you. We have found that even if you are on the call, it is powerful to listen to the recordings later and absorb again more deeply.

We offer monthly small group video meetings to discuss each Secret. These informal, supportive discussions are facilitated by authorized teachers of Meditation Secrets for Women. Join the group that matches your time zone!

All of the links and audio/visual parts of the course are housed on an easy-to-navigate website called Ruzuku, gathered in one place for your convenience and simplicity. In addition, you will want to have a copy of the book as it gives you access to the full text.

Throughout the Course you have opportunities to communicate directly with Camille and other members of our community. As you read each Secret and do the journalling exercises about your personal experiences, you are invited to share your responses in the live discussions and receive reflection and support. Our private online forum gives you an additional way to connect with each other in fun, heart-centered, meaningful exchange.

Every woman has her own rhythm and style of participating in the Course. You can find the level of involvement that feels satisfying to you.

Meditation Secrets for Women gives you energy tools
that will serve you for the rest of your life…

A Journey through the 12 Secrets

Introduction to Meditation Secrets for Women

In this overview of the twelve Secrets, we illuminate the necessity for
this feminine approach to inner practices, and why it is more effective and evolutionary than traditional meditation. Learn about tending our “female energy ecology” and how it helps us to thrive in meditation, love, and creativity. Come home to yourself, your body, and your deep essential nature.

Module One – Strengthening Inner Roots

In Module One, you deepen the connection to your own essence and fertile inner ground. These first three Secrets together create a powerful resource that unfolds and evolves through the rest of the Secrets. 

  • Secret #1: Celebrate Your Senses Build a healthy foundation of deep pleasure and love that supports all aspects of your being. Bask in your womanhood and natural sensuality. Release yourself from taboos and discover more pleasure and freedom. Meditation and Sex.
  • Secret #2: Honor Your Instincts Discover how to track the wise motions of life within you. Cultivate wholeness with the full mandala of instincts. Develop healthy boundaries and balance your energies with the “Yoga of the Instincts.”
  • Secret #3: Claim Your Inner Authority Find sovereignty and authentic female power in meditation and in life. Spiritual teachers, ego, and freedom. Inhabit your full energy space. Open to deeper connection with the field, your inner source, and the larger body of Nature.

Module Two Tending the Heart

Module Two is an important complement to Module One. From our powerful foundation in the first three Secrets, we now tend the tender energies of the Heart.

  • Secret #4: Be Tender with Yourself Befriend your vulnerability and its essential relationship to real female empowerment. Experience compassion for yourself and others. Discover the power of subtle movement meditation and flow on every level. Open more deeply to the internal dance of energy and love, both within meditation and in the outer dance of intimate relationship.
  • Secret #5: Dwell in Your Inner Sanctuary Create safety and sacred space in meditation. Learn effective ways to deal with stress, fear, anxiety, and other challenges that women experience. Tuning to inner silence and inner sound. Meditating with a mantra, taking refuge in the sacred.
  • Secret #6: Answer the Call Rejoice in desire. Meditation and the deepest callings of your heart. The fiery cauldron of transformation. How to embrace the powerful energies of desire, yearning, and disappointment. Human passion, consciousness, and psychic energy. Longing for the Divine. The Call of the Wild.

Module Three Liberating Shakti

In Module Three, we enter the Feminine Mysteries, opening to natural energy and freedom.
Learn to sense the flow of life force, or shakti – your innate, creative feminine power.

Module 3

  • Secret #7: Ride Your Rhythms Our female biology, intuition, and connection to the transformative cycles of life. Discover natural meditative practices that help to balance your emotional, hormonal, and bio-energy flows, no matter what your age.
  • Secret #8: Say Yes to Every Part of Yourself The art and skill of embracing all your energies and emotions the full mandala of who you are. The Theater of the Soul. How to dance with the entire energy spectrum liberating your creativity, vitality, and love.
  • Secret #9: Rest in Simplicity Your simple nature. The art of letting go of control. How embracing complexity leads to profound serenity and joy. The natural elements as healing allies in meditation. Balance, relaxation, release.

Module Four Embodying Soul in the World

In our final Module, we dive to the very depths of the Soul, and bring that gift to the world.

  • Secret #10: Do Not Fear the Depths The Movement of Soul. Going down and the Mystery of Descent. How meditation and meaningful ritual can facilitate our uniquely female initiations. Solitude, Sorrow, and the Sacred Well of Life.
  • Secret #11: Love Your Body Navigate the obstacles to loving your body as it is, claiming your sacred body sovereignty and freedom. Meditation and sex your own way. The mystery of “body.” The Ocean of Love and your Galactic Body.
  • Secret #12: Live It Up Meditation, the creative urge, and freedom of expression. Mental rehearsal, excitement, and passion for life. Meditation for the world. Liberating your unique voice and the essential gifts you have to share. Women’s role in the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

  • 3 Video Messages from Camille one for each Secret to initiate our exploration.

  • 3 Teleseminars One 60-minute class per Secret, with links and recordings to listen online or download anytime.

  • 3 Live Q&A Sessions with Camille Maurine, one per Secret (90 minutes each), by phone or webinar, always recorded.

  • 9 Meditation Mp3s  3 different practices for each Secret, beautifully guided by Camille Maurine.

  • 3 Online Small Group Video Discussions, one offered per Secret.

  • Online Forum A private group for Members to communicate directly with the other fabulous women.

  • Support from Camille and Advanced Teachers

  • Additional Offerings from Camille and co-author, Dr. Lorin Roche

  • Plus…

  • Bonus gifts from additional marvelous teachers!

In this section is a list of frequently asked questions about the course. If you have other questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected].

What is an online course?
Participants from all over the world gather together at a set time via conference call to be led through the Meditation Secrets by author Camille Maurine. As well as live calls, each lesson contains recordings introducing different meditation practices, video lectures, journalling exercises and more to offer different ways to explore and learn about our rich inner landscape.

Throughout the Course you can have direct interaction with author Camille Maurine, her MSW teachers, and the other members of our global community of women. As you read each Secret and do the journalling exercises about your personal experiences, you are invited to share your responses and receive reflection and support. Our private online forum gives you an additional way to connect with each other in fun, heart-centered, meaningful discussion.

What if I miss a class or am unable to attend the live events?
All of the live teleseminars are recorded and will be available to listen to online or to download after each event has finished. Many participants aren't able to attend all of the live events yet are still able to enjoy and receive valuable benefits from the course.

Do I need any special equipment for this course?
All you need to attend the course is a computer with an internet connection and a telephone.

How do I access the live teleseminars?
You may participate online on the webinar page, via Skype or by calling into the phone conference line. There are local phone numbers in the US, Canada, and many, many other countries to help avoid long distance costs. Dates, times, and login information for each event will be available once you sign up for the course and email reminders are sent regularly to help keep everyone in the loop.

What will I receive if I just sign up for one module?
Click here to see what materials and opportunities are included in each module of the course.

How much does the course cost?
The next course isn't currently scheduled and so a price for it hasn't yet been set. If you want to be kept in the loop about future courses or get a general idea of price, you can email Camille at [email protected].

Are there multi-pay options?
For the longer course there are generally both multi-pay options as well as discounts for signing up for the course early. Email Camille at [email protected] to request to be notified when the next course is scheduled.

What is the refund policy?
If you don’t love Meditation Secrets for Women or feel the course meets your needs, please let us know within 21 days of starting the program and we’ll happily issue a refund. The program is not refundable beyond that point.

What different payment methods can I use?
There are many different payment options available including paying by credit card, debit card, Paypal, or check.