Performance Work by Camille Maurine

CAMILLE MAURINE is a dancer, writer, and performing artist who has written and performed full-length solo works in Los Angeles and internationally. She is the creator of Moving Theater, director of CoMMiT (Camille Maurine's Moving Theater), and has written, directed, and produced numerous theatrical productions. Camille is the author of Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace, (HarperSanFrancisco, 2001) and Meditation 24/7 (Andrews McMeel, 2004), both written with her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche.


Solo Works by Camille Maurine

Wild Serene - September, 2017
Beloved - September, 2016
Outside In - September, 2015
Wonder - September, 2014
Ahhh.... - September, 2010
Lightning - September, 2008
Timeless - 2007
Dakini Dream - 2005
In the Meantime - 1998
PleXus: L.A. - 1998
Losing It - 1996
Tiger, Tiger - 1993/1994
Group Works by Camille Maurine

CoMMiT - 2000 thru 2007
DragonDance - 1986
The Power of Love - 1983
Esse - 1982
Spring Ceremony - 1982
Return - 1977

“Wild Serene”
A Performance by Camille Maurine

In this 2017 performance, Camille embodies several of The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche's poetic translation of an ancient yoga text.

A Performance by Camille Maurine

Camille Maurine embodies the call for the Beloved. This premier performance took place as part of SOMAfest 2016.

"Outside In"
A Performance by Camille Maurine

In With a nod to the film "Inside Out", Camille reveals what really goes on in meditation. Performed at SOMAfest, September 2015.

A Performance by Camille Maurine

In this performance, Camille embodies several of The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche's poetic translation of an ancient yoga text.

A Performance by Camille Maurine

This was performed September 2010. (Please make sure that your sound is turned up, the words are important!)


Timeless (Camille Maurine, 2007) ~ In September and December, Camille gave a performance as part of the Somatic Movement Arts Festival in Santa Monica, on the same program as Continuum founder Emilie Conrad. Camille's piece - "Timeless" - is inspired by three personal experiences of love beyond time. She weaves a moving theater of story and silence, movement and stillness. Camille's performances, largely improvised, are renown for evoking the subtle world of the soul with powerful embodied expression.

"Performing Timeless reminded me how much I love the process of performing – the opportunity to dwell
in the shimmering body of the stories I share, and the communion with the audience, heart to heart."
~ Camille Maurine, December 2007

tiger tiger 
"TIGER, TIGER" (1993-94) is a dance theater piece about the passionate life and death of Camille's mother. Beverly Angelina was a wildwoman before her time whose story reveals the tragedy of trapped female energy. In the performance, Camille embodies her mother, dancing the movement of her dreams, her despair, and her demise. Not for the faint of heart, this tale of three generations of women, grandmother-mother-daughter, reveals how a legacy of pain can be transmuted through consciousness and art. The movement is performed to a sountrack of voice-over text mixed with music. Intense, dramatic, and moving. Emilie Conrad directed the 1994 version of TIGER, TIGER. See more photos.

"Creating and performing this work profoundly changed me, liberating my own passion and creativity in ways I could only suspect before. A bittersweet reality of live theater is that you pour your heart and soul into a performance and then it is over. It is therefore with deep gratitude and a tender heart that I release this video for you to see."

The video of the 1994 "Tiger, Tiger" performance is available on DVD. 65 minutes.


"LOSING IT: A Dance of Father, Dark Matter and Stars" (1996). No sooner than Camille had finished performing her mother piece than her father passed away and she realized she must create a work about the father-daughter relationship as part of the healing. This performance explores the mysteries of birth and death, placed within the metaphor of the birth and death of stars. In this autobiographical piece, Camille dances and speaks, alternately taking on the characters of herself and her father. See more photos.

TIGER, TIGER and LOSING IT constitute what Camille calls her "Standing Stones." The two pieces together created an initiatory passageway between the legacy of her past and the new territory beyond.

PLEXUS: Life in L.A. (1997-98). For this performance, Camille interviewed over 100 people around Los Angeles, from LAX to downtown, from all walks of life and cultural background about their experience of living in the city, their hopes and dreams, disappointments, and visions of the future. She recorded their responses and created a soundtrack, mixing snippets of their voices (with a wide array of international accents) with music and sound effects, to which she danced and spoke in the performances. This was Camille's pre-millennial tribute to the diversity, adaptability, and transformational possibilities of Los Angeles as an energy center on the body of Planet Earth. See more photos.

IN THE MEANTIME (1998). Wild and crazy improvisations in movement, sounding and speech. Camille interviews the audience about their experience in LA, and then takes off in response.

DAKINI DREAM (Present). Camille gives a one-woman performance in conjunction with workshops and other events related to the book, MEDITATION SECRETS FOR WOMEN.

THE RADIANCE SUTRAS ~ (Present). Camille gives performances and workshops with husband Dr. Lorin Roche based on his book, “The Radiance Sutras” ~ a fresh translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, an ancient yoga text.


From 1999 to 2008, Camille directed and performed with CoMMiT (Camille Maurine's Moving Theater) ~ improvisational group performances.

ANIMA/ANIMUS, Artistic Director
- Camille directed Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum Movement, in "Anima/Animus", a dance theater piece performed in conjunction with Cass Phelps. What an exciting and transformative process together! The performances, September 26-28, 2003 at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica, were sold out.

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