Discover Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace!

Meditation Secrets for Women
Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace

By Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, Ph.D.
(HarperOne, 2001)
The twelve Meditation Secrets for Women encompass a full mandala of what women need to know to thrive in meditation, creativity, and love. I call this our female energy ecology.

The book represents a complete body of work. It is based on my lifetime of dedicated exploration, beginning with my first formal meditation in 1972 to developing this approach and teaching thousands of women (and always learning). Along the way, these practices have taken on depth with my training as a dancer and body therapist, studies in Jungian psychology, yoga, and immersion in Continuum Movement since the early 80’s.

Plus…for 39 years now I've been cross-pollinating with Dr. Lorin Roche, my husband and co-author, and one of the most comprehensive and insightful meditation teachers on the Planet. Our journey of co-creation and intimacy is not only a prime source for these Meditation Secrets, but evidence of their effectiveness – I practice them every day!

If you are not familiar with the book, you may wonder what type of meditation we propose. This approach does not adhere to a specific tradition, yet it is informed by many. No dogma here. Lorin and I know from our decades of teaching that women are natural meditators. Rather than impose a structure from the outside, in this course, you learn to claim and cooperate with your innate wisdom to find healthy, pleasurable ways to meditate. We call this Instinctive Meditation.

Whether you are a teacher of yoga or meditation or new on the path, Meditation Secrets for Women gives you a deep foundation in what works for the female body and psyche, and for your individual nature and life.
Female meditative practices are not “one size fits all.” No dry and rigid discipline for us. Women must have more than one entry into meditation, so that we can meet ourselves in a healthy way no matter what is going on in our world, in our bodies, and in our hearts. That’s why the book offers 12 Secrets – luscious, love-drenched, life-giving gateways to the Self.

It’s essential to find what works for you and your individual life, awareness practices that you love and want to do. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced inner traveler, your practice should evolve as you evolve – now, doesn’t that just make sense?

Meditation Secrets for Women came out in 2001, published by HarperOne, it was the #1 bestselling product under $25 on Amazon. It struck a chord of truth. That chord is resonating even more strongly now!

Since then the book has inspired
an online course which I have taught for the past seven years and a community of practitioners and teachers around the world.

"These liberating Secrets bust open the stereotypes and show you how natural, vibrant, and pleasurable meditation can be!"
Read on if you want to:

  • Tap into your inner roots and draw strength, nourishment, and inspiration
  • Experience profound release of tension
  • Get vital energy from all of your emotions
  • Celebrate your sensuality, inner beauty, and flow
  • Honor your instincts and inner authority
  • Cooperate with your hormones and biorhythms
  • Connect to your primordial female power
  • Move and breathe in your divine essential being

Listen to Camille introducing the 12 Secrets!

The Journey through the 12 Secrets

For the past seven years, I taught a yearlong program in Meditation Secrets for Women. This year I am offering several new possibilities for us to go deeper into the Secrets together. Contact me to stay informed.

These explorations illuminate the necessity for
this feminine approach to inner practices, and why it is more effective and evolutionary than traditional meditation. We learn about tending our female energy ecology and how that practice helps us thrive in all the circumstances of our life. Come home to yourself, your body, and your deep essential nature.

The twelve
Secrets describe the journey we take to in meditation to cultivate intimacy on all the essential levels – with our Self, with Nature, and with the evolutionary energies of Creation – what I call Living in Love's Body. These Secrets are gathered into four main themes:

Strengthening Inner Roots

In the first 3 Secrets, you deepen the connection to your own essence and fertile inner ground. Together they create a powerful resource that unfolds and evolves through the rest of the Secrets. 

  • Secret #1: Celebrate Your Senses Build a healthy foundation of deep pleasure and love that supports all aspects of your being. Bask in your womanhood and natural sensuality. Release yourself from taboos and discover more pleasure and freedom. Explore meditation and sex.
  • Secret #2: Honor Your Instincts Discover how to track the wise motions of life within you. Cultivate wholeness with the full mandala of instincts. Develop healthy boundaries and balance your energies with the “Yoga of the Instincts.”
  • Secret #3: Claim Your Inner Authority Find sovereignty and authentic female power in meditation and in life. Spiritual teachers, ego, and freedom. Inhabit your full energy space. Open to deeper connection with the field, your inner source, and the larger body of Nature.

Tending the Heart

After establishing a powerful foundation, we now tend the tender energies of the Heart.

  • Secret #4: Be Tender with Yourself Befriend your vulnerability and its essential relationship to real female empowerment. Experience compassion for yourself and others. Discover the power of subtle movement meditation and flow on every level. Open more deeply to the internal dance of energy and love, both within meditation and in the outer dance of intimate relationship.
  • Secret #5: Dwell in Your Inner Sanctuary Create safety and sacred space in meditation. Learn effective ways to deal with stress, fear, anxiety, and other challenges that women experience. Tuning to inner silence and inner sound. Meditating with a mantra, taking refuge in the sacred.
  • Secret #6: Answer the Call Rejoice in desire. Meditation and the deepest callings of your heart. The fiery cauldron of transformation. How to embrace the powerful energies of desire, yearning, and disappointment. Human passion, consciousness, and psychic energy. Longing for the Divine. The Call of the Wild.

Liberating Shakti

We enter the Feminine Mysteries, opening to natural energy and freedom.
Learn to sense the flow of life force, or shakti – your innate, creative feminine power.

Module 3

  • Secret #7: Ride Your Rhythms Our female biology, intuition, and connection to the transformative cycles of life. Discover natural meditative practices that help to balance your emotional, hormonal, and bio-energy flows, no matter what your age.
  • Secret #8: Say Yes to Every Part of Yourself The art and skill of embracing all your energies and emotions the full mandala of who you are. The Theater of the Soul. How to dance with the entire energy spectrum liberating your creativity, vitality, and love.
  • Secret #9: Rest in Simplicity Your simple nature. The art of letting go of control. How embracing complexity leads to profound serenity and joy. The natural elements as healing allies in meditation. Balance, relaxation, release.

Embodying Soul in the World

Diving to the very depths of the Soul, we emerge and bring that gift to the world.

  • Secret #10: Do Not Fear the Depths The Movement of Soul. Going down and the Mystery of Descent. How meditation and meaningful ritual can facilitate our uniquely female initiations. Solitude, Sorrow, and the Sacred Well of Life.
  • Secret #11: Love Your Body Navigate the obstacles to loving your body as it is, claiming your sacred body sovereignty and freedom. Meditation and sex your own way. The mystery of “body.” The Ocean of Love and your Galactic Body.
  • Secret #12: Live It Up Meditation, the creative urge, and freedom of expression. Mental rehearsal, excitement, and passion for life. Meditation for the world. Liberating your unique voice and the essential gifts you have to share. Women’s role in the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

Meditation Secrets for Women gives you energy tools
that will serve you for the rest of your life…


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