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A Letter to Women Around the World
from Camille Maurine

In the wee hours of the night, with rays of the full moon seeping through the window shades, I was awake and listening. I was sensing the body of our sweet planet, nestled in the breast of the galaxy, embraced in the arms of the Cosmic Mother. I felt the presence of women around the globe, gentle, thrumming heartbeats, pulsing with passion for life. I was hearing the call – the call you must hear in your own way – to unite our feminine forces at this critical time on Earth.

I have a proposal for you – woman to woman, heart to heart.

We live in an unprecedented era of possibility, a pivotal point in human evolution. Our capacity to destroy vies with our capacity to create; the threat is dire and the outcome uncertain. Some say that human nature cannot change, that the legacy of war and violence will never end. I wrestle with this: Deep change happens so slowly – how will we ever make it? But I know, from the inside out, the reality of transformation within an individual. I also know that individuals joining together in creative consciousness ARE a force of nature, inestimably powerful, with the potential to affect the course of history for good.

What if...?

...We are poised at the portal of a collective spiritual initiation. Not a new thought; teachers have voiced this perception before. Now consider: the essential role of women in this passage.

Evidence of our ripeness resides in at least two crucial developments. The marvels of technology allow us to know in an instant what is happening on the other side of the world. The illusion of isolation is dissolving and the global village is becoming a reality. Socially, politically, and environmentally, we are recognizing our interdependence and communion with the entire body of humanity.

Secondly, thanks to the hard work of our foremothers, the number of empowered, awakened women around the world is fast approaching critical mass. Pockets of repression remain, to be sure, but women as a whole can claim their freedom, and communicate it, in ways that have never before been possible. This is vital. It means that masculine and feminine energies on Earth have the chance to come into conscious balance, deep healing, and alignment. Imagine what such a shift can bring.

What women can do:
In this letter I am not proposing a particular social or political action (though important), but a subtler, more primary act of power. Along with the outward steps we each take toward a sustainable world, we must generate the world we envision from within and live it with every breath.

It is urgent that we women exercise this inner power, and most importantly, do so TOGETHER. NOW.

No time like the present. The holydays, if we can dig beneath the hurly burly and commercialism, are perfect for such creative reflection. This is a season for remembering what and whom we love, for sinking into our inner roots, for deepening and clarifying the values we want to embody. The doors and windows of the soul swing ajar, flooding us with both darkness and light. Sorrow and joy, hope and despair – the hearts of people everywhere are aching, not only for themselves but for humanity at large. At this time of year more than any other, we realize we are linked to each other, inextricably, for better and worse.

Whether we cognize it or not, our bodies and psyches are always in resonance with the collective body. Women's nervous systems are highly sensitive instruments, vibrating empathetically with the suffering around us near and far. Trying to block out this responsiveness only fragments us; better to transform it into strength. Staying rooted in our internal feminine ground is imperative for two reasons: 1) to stay sane, healthy, and resilient, and 2) to be a clear, vibrant force for peace.

Our female bodies resonate with the morphogenetic field of women everywhere. At a fundamental level, we are one body. We affect one another, profoundly. We have the gift of female consciousness; let's use it, consciously, to anchor the Deep Feminine on the planet. We are the weavers; let's strengthen the warp and woof of feminine connection around the globe. Let's unite our energies in the deepest inner place, breathe in that supportive, fertile atmosphere. Then let us quietly, invisibly, lend energetic support to the men so that balance may be restored. 

Starting now at Winter Solstice and continuing, please join me...

...In the still of the night, in the solitude of silence and darkness. If you're like most women, you wake up at least once, whether from the wild dance of hormones, worries and responsibilities, a creative inspiration, or simply the need to pee. I ask you, as women of heart, to link with me in those quiet moments, in prayerful meditation. As you are falling into sleep, and if you awaken in the night, let us tune to each other and to the souls of women around the planet.

A minute of joined awareness is a mighty force.

Let us breathe in inspiration and healing with each other. Let us breathe out love, compassion, and peace into the atmosphere of the world. Imagine each woman around the planet holding a radiant thread of feminine consciousness. Imagine the web of illumination building and spreading with the turning of the Earth, gaining in strength with each passing night. Imagine this very female tapestry of prayer becoming an actual substance, a source of nourishment and support for you and for all women. Imagine this substance shining through every cell of your body, emanating out to soothe the hearts of the men of the world with newfound tranquility and understanding.

Our waves of blessing combine and amplify, traveling forth in an unstoppable movement, a song of the heart that vibrates through all creation. We may not know the worldly solution to humanity's conundrum. We may not know how this invisible power will manifest. We simply give this offering in trust, because we must, to the forces of life and love.

Below is a related "Late Night Musing" from Meditation Secrets for Women. I welcome any comments, revelations, or queries from you at any time. Do feel free to pass this on to your friends and colleagues around the world.

Yours, in gratitude,

© Camille Maurine
17 December 2005
Marina del Rey, CA USA

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Our understanding of the cosmos changes with the evolution of our consciousness. Developments in scientific technology continually revolutionize our model of the universe, and as collective consciousness unfolds, we embrace surprising, sometimes shocking discoveries. We undergo paradigm shifts, and how we perceive the world and our place within it is never the same…


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