You are a biomorph. Yes, I am, too. So are They.

Bio = life. Morph = shape. You are Life shaping itself.

As creatures of this universe we are expressions of the biomorphic intelligence of life, the creative design and evolutionary expression of the cosmos.
We carry this intelligence coded deep in our cellular being, in every fiber of brain and heart, of skin and bone, muscle and sinew, of all of the organs that pulsate in concert to give us life.

Marvelously, this stunning naked reality is confirmed by a broad field of the sciences. Their ongoing study and exploration is continually giving us new and mind-blowing information about the brilliance of Nature's design.

You are that. We are that, together. Inescapably, gloriously, wondrously.

In this very moment, you are moving and breathing, perceiving and engaging, with the entire space-time continuum. Yes, the same mysterious force inside that first wild burst of creation 14.8 billion years ago. You are dancing with the same unfolding permutations that gave rise, and continue to give rise, to stars, dark matter, dark energy, the creative expansion of space itself.

Here now, in the most tangible ways, we are perceiving and engaging with the elementary forces of creation as they have adapted on Planet Earth. You are evolution in the flesh, with every breath, with every thought, with every touch and movement.

Take a minute, look around at the expression of life everywhere ~ fellow creatures, trees, flowers, rivers and lakes and oceans. Cats, dogs, hummingbirds, butterflies. Whales and dolphins, rabbits and squirrels. Mountains and waterfalls. The elements ~ water flowing through your faucet. The flame on your stove. The wind in your hair. The sun on your skin. The soil, sand, mud, snow, rocks beneath your feet. Clouds and planets and stars in the sky. Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, lovers and friends and neighbors. The hum and hula of life, here now..

As you breathe, as we breathe together right this second, claim this biomorphic reality ~ the evolutionary intelligence that is already right here pulsating within you, experiencing itself as YOU. As US.

Welcome Home, Everyone!


Camille Maurine, March 2023