Grandfathers, fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, lovers, coworkers, friends…

You who are anchoring the energies of sustainability and respect for all life

You who stand by your daughters, sons, parents, mates, beloveds in all realms,
Offering your steady presence, your male wisdom and power,
In service to Love

You who bring consciousness to the legacy of generations,
Who transform old patterns of domination and control,
Of shame and violence toward self and others

You who courageously face your own vulnerabilities,
And thus embrace the same in others
In soulful depth
In compassion
In communion

You who commit to integrity in all domains
Who practice healing from the inside out
Who cultivate inner peace and freedom
Knowing this as the living foundation
For true freedom and peace in the world

You who hold our children with tender strength,
Providing safe ground and space for them to grow,
Celebrating their intrinsic gifts with joy –
The promise of the future
Who teach them healthy boundaries
En-Couraging them
To be wholly themselves

You who step forward to join with Women of Wisdom
To embody the new model of equality, creativity, and cooperation
The evolutionary possibility
The hope for this body of humanity on Earth…

We need you.
I need you.

Thank you.
I love you.

– Camille Maurine
Father's Day 2018