One-On-One Coaching in Soulful Embodiment

Private sessions with Camille Maurine in person, by phone, or on Skype are available by appointment. These body-based explorations are tuned to your individual needs and desires, addressing any level of movement in your life, particularly effective during times of transition. We sit together, talk, and investigate how your energy is wanting to unfold, always listening to the messages from your body and psyche. Sessions can include customized meditation, subtle and expressive movement, breathwork, voiceplay, and other forms of soulful embodiment. Phone or Skype sessions are surprisingly effective and great for ongoing support.

Contact Camille at 310 821-0620 or
[email protected]

"The experience becomes like an organic force that continues to grow. I have been in psychotherapy for 13 years now, but I have never been this impacted from just a couple of sessions...Even my therapist is amazed and thrilled."


Camille Maurine
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