Excerpt from MEDITATION SECRETS FOR WOMEN: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace

Late Night Musing

My friend Carolyn Stevens, the late analyst and president of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, had a pithy response to my query about the theories of masculine and feminine. "After all this time, I now just think that whatever women do is the feminine.”
Our understanding of the cosmos changes as our consciousness evolves. Developments in scientific technology continually revolutionize our model of the universe, and as collective consciousness unfolds, we embrace surprising, sometimes shocking discoveries. We undergo paradigm shifts, which change forever how we perceive the world and our place within it.

A new cosmic vision of the feminine is emerging; it glimmers just beyond the veil of our awareness. Assumptions about "the feminine principle" have gone unquestioned, unexamined ~ unevolving ~ for millennia. Women have sought some reference beyond our cultural bias by looking to ancient archetypes of female wisdom. I certainly have, and those secrets are included in this book. They are empowering, indeed. But valuable as they are, it occurs to me ever more strongly that the old forms are based on a much different world and stage of consciousness. As I ponder in the middle of the night, in the center of the darkness, I muse: 
What if something more, something newly female, is coming into being? What if it can only form through the engagement of women's attention ~ united feminine attention that until now has not been free?

After fifteen billion years, give or take a couple billion, consciousness has evolved within matter, and human beings can now participate in our own creation. It has taken all this time for us to conceive these questions, much less partake in the birth of something more. Perhaps our recent discovery of dark matter and the lessons it holds have something to do with it ~ who knows?

Meditation is a gentle midwife for the emergence of this new reality. As I listen in the silence and peer through the cosmic veil, I sense the shimmer of something nascent, something growing but as yet unseen. She is evolving as humanity evolves. Just as beings have incarnated at crucial points in human development (Moses, Buddha, Jesus), so too
She is being born ~ not as an individual woman, but as a knowing brought forth through us all. The entire globe is vibrating with change; the contractions have begun. What revelation is dawning now as women are awakening? What needed energy is coming into the world?

If you think this sounds radical, you are correct. It is a radical departure from the known, a radical plunge into the mystery within us all. It is up to women now to take on the quest, to share this vision which is ours to discover and unfold. We are at the frontier of consciousness; we are explorers, and it’s exciting! Let’s be surprised. Let’s be shocked. How much freedom can we stand?

~ Camille Maurine, Year 2000


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