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~ What kind of meditation do we do?
~ Will I have to sit still all day?
~ What kind of movement is it?
~ Do I have to be an experienced meditator or dancer?

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Wild Serenity
with Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine

~ What kind of meditation do we do?

Wild Serenity practices are designed to put you in touch with your natural, internal guidance system. Nature wants you to thrive. All the meditations are designed to cooperate with the beneficent forces of life that are always permeating and informing you. We explore pleasurable breath, sound, visualization, and movement meditations that heighten your sensory awareness and support your vital energies to unfold in an organic and healthful way. Nothing is forced; you can go at your own pace. We will help you find what works best for you, customizing the practices for your body type and what is going on in your life.

We call this body of work "Instinctive Meditation” because it honor and builds upon the innate wisdom residing within you. It is based upon our combined experience of 70 years (holy moly!) teaching meditation and integrative energy practices to people in all walks of life. Lorin has taught meditation for 38 years, originally as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and other Himalayan forms. In working with people over the years he began developing Instinctive Meditation because he realized the need for a more individualized and inclusive approach. My own meditation journey began in 1972 and includes Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Esoteric Studies, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, and Continuum – balanced, enriched, and made earthy by my training in dance and theater, bodywork, Jungian depth psychology, and years of professional experience as a practitioner of hands-on healing energy work. We are grateful to all these teachings, which unite alchemically to create a transformative, innovative, and adaptable way of recognizing and supporting people in their individual essence. This is an ever-evolving process inspired by every person and group we have the privilege of facilitating.

Many of the practices we teach, such as breath awareness, are found in the traditional forms of meditation.
Meditators from all paths are welcome, and we can utilize your previous experience and allow it to evolve. It is important, however, to name and dispel certain controlling attitudes toward the body, thoughts, and emotions that are rampant in traditional spirituality. In the Wild Serenity approach, you learn how to accept all your energies and ride them deeper into the stream of life and love.

The purist ideals and hidden assumptions underlying most traditional forms of meditation are repressive, fragmenting, and toxic, especially over the long run. Lorin and I have worked with many "spiritual casualties" – people who have been harmed by these anti-life notions. Each of their stories of pain and healing, and our own, have taught us what people really need.

For a wealth of more informative and entertaining facts about meditation, go
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~ Will I have to sit still all day?

No! This work is based on the principle of flow of energy. The last thing we want is for you to be cramped and repressed! We will alternate between sitting, standing, reclining, and subtle moving meditations, as well as expressive (and fun!) energy practices. We always encourage you to listen deeply to your own body and find what is comfortable and healthful for you. For example, many people cannot and should not sit in the typical cross-legged position; if you are one of them, we will help you find ways to adapt to take care of your knees and back. You will not have to impose "stillness" and rigid postures. The inner stillness and serenity you will discover come from accepting and flowing with the cues from your body.

~ What kind of movement is it?

The movement we encourage is always from the inside out – according to what feels good to you – very gentle, pleasurable, and fluid, not forced. Movement is one of the most direct, tangible ways to experience yourself and integrate energy. When we move, we can feel part of the larger movement of the cosmos, or what we call the Body of Love. We will explore several different levels of movement awareness – a combination of subtle movement meditation (as in Continuum), sensual organic flow, and dynamic expression. You will be amazed at how easy and natural it feels – and how powerful and liberating. For those who love to dance, you will be in rapture. For those who have never worked with movement before, we will guide you to find your way into more freedom and enjoyment. And of course, we will both be there with you to address any questions and concerns.

~ Do I have to be an experienced meditator or dancer?

No. This workshop is designed to accommodate explorers at all levels of experience. Both beginning meditators and those who have meditated for decades will find new and deeper ways to meditate. People who have never explored movement as well as professional dancers and yogis will find exciting, liberating, satisfying ways to unfold. You are welcomed into deeper, Wilder Serenity, no matter where you are in your life and your practice.

From working with thousands of men and women over the past 40-plus years, we have seen that ability to meditate is instinctive – built in to the human nervous system. Because people often do not know how to trust and follow those internal clues, they need support for evolving their own healthy path – one that works with all the energies and instincts. We will help guide you to find practices that you love and that work for you, according to what is going on in your body, in your heart, in your life. You will discover how to heal and nourish yourself, how to draw on your inner natural resources so that you can meet all the challenges you face with courage and grace. You will learn how to set yourself free in both your inner and outer world, how to liberate your energy and experience more joy, love, and creativity.


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