Free Fall

Top 10 Tips on How to Fall

Any dancer, athlete, martial artist ~ or cat! ~ will tell you that learning how to fall is essential. The key is to stay relaxed, let go, and surrender to the flow. Nature gives us the same message, and the seasonal change into Fall is a prime example of its wisdom.

Relaxing and letting go is not easy when the world feels insecure, when our bodies quiver and hearts ache, when things are falling apart and we have little control. Anxiety, sadness, feeling depressed or congested are common symptoms. Autumn itself is related to the lungs and grief in Oriental medicine. What can we do to soothe and support ourselves when we are Falling?

Letting go can be liberating. It can be poignant. It can soften our hearts and bodies, melt us open to gratitude and love. Here are some tips to explore:

Meditate on an aspect of life that gives you a sense of joy, peace, or spaciousness. There may be an image, or simply a word. Breathe in that life-affirming quality, let it seep into every cell.

Take care of your animal body. Give yourself deep pleasure, enjoy yourself shamelessly. Feed all your senses. Take delight in your favorite colors, textures, sounds, smells, tastes...

3. Make sure you
eat well, especially warming and nourishing food. Drink plenty of water and warm, soothing liquids.

Be cozy whenever possible, curled up on the sofa, or snuggled in bed. Be tender with yourself. Go ahead and take a nap.

Get some sunlight everyday, somehow. 15 minutes minimum is recommended. Good for your mood, good for your bones!

"Move It!" ~ keep your energies flowing. Exercise, walk, breathe with the intensity. Especially when you just cannot feel calm, don't try to pacify yourself. Go in the other direction, over-the-top passion. Dance your heart out. Cry, roar, whimper, sing. Express! Then pause and feel the currents of life force flowing through you. Yes!

7. Lie down and
give into gravity. Take a long "savasana." Let the wise, strong body of the Earth hold you. With every exhalation, let your muscles and bones release a little more. You don't have to hold yourself up right now. You don't have to hold the world together. In this moment, you are safe, supported, and held. Discover this tangible reality.

Laugh, laugh, laugh ~ a lot ~ from little giggles to out loud, belly-
jiggling, eye-watering guffaws!

Do that other thing you've been longing to do. That freeing, loving,
wild and crazy, selfish, self-less, whatever thing...

Give something away.

Let me know how it goes!

Camille Maurine
31 October 2008

© 2008 Camille Maurine