Resources for Your Quest

Keep coming back for updates to these suggestions. For starters, here are a few choice individuals whose work I heartily recommend:

Dr. Lorin Roche,

Susan Harper,
Continuum Montage

Emilie Conrad,
Continuum Movement

Jennifer Louden,

Dr. Sheri Meyers Gantman,
Straight from the Heart

Maureen Simon, women's leadership and business development,
Maureen Simon Consulting

Shiva Rea,

Jessica Fleming and Misha Crosbie of New Zealand,
SoulPath Journeys

Music Recommendations

Musical tastes are intensely individual, particularly in what creates a feeling tone helpful for meditation. That being said, here are some unusual pieces that women we have worked with enjoy:

Soft and Gentle
Sunyata and Offerings, by Vas
A BoneCroneDrone and Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices, by Sheila Chandra
Eight String Religion, by David Darling
Himalaya, Yatra and Dorje Ling, by David Parsons
Shamanic Dream, by Anugama
El Hadra: the Mystik Dance, by Klaus Wiese, et al.

Emotionally Evocative
The Mirror Pool, by Lisa Gerrard
Earth Heart, by Vicki Hansen
Symphony #3, by Henryk Gorecki
Bach’s Cello Solos
Gabriel Faure’s Requiem
Passion: Music for The Last Temptation Of Christ, by Peter Gabriel

Drum Rhythms
Percussive Environments, by Jim McGrath
Medicine Trance, by Professor Trance
At The Edge, by Mickey Hart