Unedited Comments from Advanced Moving Theater Students

"Moving Theater is a magical dream, built from emotion, reaction, personal history, and observation, interwoven on stage to create a new reality. A space of sanctuary, of honesty and risk taking – to drop in and become the listener, observer of self and character, in the minute moment or all of time. A place of storytelling, blood letting, and gut-wrenching, where sobs and giggles can create a tapestry of infinite beauty or a ridiculous moment. There are times when one can curl up as if in a womb, or sprout dragon’s wings, or rail at the moon. Goddesses converse with madonnas, magicians chat with rusting gates, a fish visits a gay bar for a drink – anything is possible and even probable. Step by step, movement by movement, song by sound by silly word, stories are built into tableaux out of time.

We visit our emotional truth, find memories of things forgotten, tell untold secrets for the first time, face our demons – all with a safety net of unconditional support and inspiration. "
Sam P.

"Moving Theater is Home. A body larger than my body. A heartbeat that relies on each and everyone’s electricity to find its pulse…
A place of loving inward…and outward…
An affirmation that life is good. Life is sweet. Love will preside, despite hell and high water…earthquakes…floods…lunatics at the helm.
Love. Compassion. Listening. The energy of butterfly wings…and of thunder. An affirmation of YES.
Moving Theater is a place for me to come to gather soil and clouds into myself - to feed the growth of my potential, or the filling out of my potential.
Somehow I feel Moving Theater can help to save the planet! Maybe it’s just because we generate YES in here. We find NOW in here. When we’re in the YES and the NOW, we are already “saved.” There is no need of saving. "
Nomi K.

"A place to discover myself from moment to moment,
To listen and learn from others,
To have communication that is authentically from my core,
To be challenged or step out of my comfort zone,
And to embrace all this, to integrate it into the world."
Casey S

"A way to connect my personal and very innermost self, mostly unknown, with the outer world of consensus reality to create meaning, form, an artist’s loving eye.
A place to amplify and enlarge whatever is happening in the moment, into sounds, shapes, movements, and visualizations.
Creating a spirit weaving among our separate inner souls into an emerging and unknown tapestry of love, laughter, and creation.
Finding the filament, spun by spiders and creating a human mandala of truth that binds us. "
Fred K.

"Moving Theater is a space, a container, a sacred holding for what is moving in me that I do not fully let into my doing, walking life.

The voices, the energies that are wanting to have a place to be birthed and embodied by the very body that has invited them. These voices are more easily born and heard when I slow down from the linear path of doing and walking. These voices and energies are eccentric, obtuse, round, spiral, and have a different beat than my purposeful doing and walking rhythm.

Theater is the “stage” for these voices, energies to possibly become characters to live and interact in this world…this all-inclusive world of theater that we hold and respect. A world that can hold and support that which is foreign, held back, unknown, and dying to be heard. It will feed us and give us life, or die and take our vital life force with it.

Benefits: courage, vitality, a sense of belonging, trust, communication, trust of others and self, trust of impulses; an ability to know ourselves and lose and gain identity as creators, as divinity. "
Craig N.

"Camille's work gives me a fresh approach to self discovery. I have excavated precious jewels of knowledge from deep inside myself, paving the way for wondorous awakenings to living more fully in every moment. Moving Theater is enlightening, tender, safe and a whole lot of fun. I highly recommend this work to everyone."
- Lori L.

"Camille's work has opened up vast worlds of feeling, intimacy and power I didn't know I could access. The commitment she makes to living her work is a true inspiration; in that sense, she is the consummate teacher. Her willingness to plumb the depths of being, with heart and compassion, is a gift that keeps on opening."
Richard P.