Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace

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by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, Ph.D.
HarperOne, 2001. ISBN: 0062516973
Paperback, 336 pages 

What woman doesn’t yearn for time for herself, without having to be anything for anyone else? To rest, to restore, to settle in. To catch up with all the thoughts that fly in and out all day. To sort out her feelings from the tangle of everyone else’s. To be in touch with herself, her body, her rhythm. To clarify her own sense of things. To get back to her essence…

In these wildly challenging times, having a daily meditative practice is one of the best forms of self-care, deeply healing and nourishing. Your meditation time is a sanctuary from the world, a space and time where you can come home to yourself, come home to your body and heart, come home to your place in the universe.

In order to get the greatest physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of meditation, you must find the ways that suit your nature. That is why women need their own approach, one that supports the female body and psyche.

Most meditation teachings were created long ago, by and for men in monasteries. The issue of what is healthy and supportive for women was never raised. In
Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace, Camille and her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche asked: “What do women need to thrive - in meditation, and in life?”

Based on four decades of experience teaching meditation, and interviewing hundreds of women, Camille Maurine and Dr. Lorin Roche have elucidated a healthy, female-centered approach. The twelve Secrets provide the essential tools for you to experience more vibrancy, richness, and pleasure in both your inner and outer life.

You will learn how to:

• Relax more deeply than you thought possible

• Fit meditation into a busy life

• Free up your energy for more vitality and creativity

• Discover practices that you absolutely love and want to do

• Let whatever is going on in your body, mind, and heart lead you deeper into your core

• Experience more balance, clarity, and alertness

Find healthy, satisfying practices that support your female way of being in the world. Women’s nature is ever changing, like the weather! You want to be able to meet yourself no matter what is going on. Learn to create a handful of meditations – not just one size fits all - to match your mood and the needs of your day.

"I first learned to meditate when I was 20. I sat with my mantra for 20 minutes, twice a day, for seven years. During my ob/gyn residency, I had to stop. My rigid approach no longer worked. Unbeknownst to me, I had discovered one of the meditation secrets so beautifully described in this book: Women's mediation insights and needs are often very different from the traditional methods used for centuries by men in monasteries; though our need to connect with the Divine is as strong as a man's, we need not deny our bodies and instincts to do so. Meditation Secrets for Women teaches you how to meditate with full access to the emotions and body wisdom that are also a part of the Divine." - Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to praise such a fine work! Your book is wise and wonderful. Its perspective integrates matter and nature and all the sensuosity and simplicity into their rightful places in an individualized, balanced, meditative practice. It is revolutionary--returning the whole human being to the joy, restorative serenity, and embodied, psychological and spiritual expansiveness that you beautifully show us can be within the reach of women. And men, too. Unlike many meditative sourcebooks, this book deals well with psychological and physical issues that can stress daily life, and unlike many psych texts, it shows the reader ways to accept and work with ‘problems’ to enhance and ripen spiritual practice." -
Sylvia Perera, senior Jungian analyst, author of Descent to the Goddess

Discover the
deep feminine ecology of meditation:

Tap in to your inner roots and draw strength, nourishment, and inspiration

• Experience profound release of tension

• Get vital energy from all your emotions

• Celebrate your sensuality, inner beauty, and flow

• Honor your instincts and inner authority

• Cooperate with your hormones and biorhythms

• Connect to your primordial female power

Many people think of meditation as dry and boring. Little do they know how sensuous, soulful, and fun it can be! Meditation is like sex – you have to find the ways you enjoy and that work for you. You want your inner sanctuary to be a place where you can let go, follow your own rhythms, let your energies flow freely, and relax into deeper and deeper pleasure and connection.

If you’ve felt frustrated with meditation, thought you couldn’t “do it right” or been ashamed of your body, wild thoughts, or feelings, then you have probably internalized some of the repressive and controlling attitudes that are toxic to women and have no place in your inner world. It’s time to break those taboos and set yourself free.

This is a “come as you are” approach. You don’t have to change yourself in any way. Your grumpy, tired, rebellious, vulnerable, or naughty self may be just the key to more freedom, energy, and balance.

• Make use of sensual, pleasurable meditation techniques, including simple movement meditations.

• Get in touch with your body's natural rhythms and emerge nourished, revitalized, and joyful.

• Gain a refreshing, rejuvenating rest that is deeper than sleep. Relieve stress for optimal mental and physical health.

• Accept every part of yourself. Transmute depression and receive its healing gift.

• Find meditations that enhance your creativity and your relationships, and that support you to share your gifts with the world.

Learn to live in your real body, not the one in the mirror. Meditation helps you tune in to the world of sensations, movement, and energy that are your real body, the currents of life force flowing within you.

Breathe in your own atmosphere
Steep in your luscious feminine essence
Rest in your inner silence and hear your true voice

Here’s what readers say about Meditation Secrets for Women:

"You know those books that seem to cry wisdom from each and every word... Those ones that you have to hold back from highlighting the significant lines otherwise you would end up highlighting the whole book? Yes I am having one of those – reading Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche. Thank you both for writing this!" Elizabeth Major, Australia

“Thank you for your incredibly positive, helpful and nurturing book on meditation secrets for women. I bought it two days ago and already it is helping me transform my life. What a gift.” Dede in Maine

“I would just like you to know that your book has made a wonderful difference in my life…Between being a busy wife, mother and owner of a flourishing graphic design business, I have found time to reclaim myself. Meditation has made a tremendous difference and it is now something I really look forward to when life challenges me… I relate to all that you say and use your meditations religiously. I never leave home without your book. It goes everywhere with me. Thank you for writing this for all women.” Ainslie in British Columbia

“My friends and I deeply cherish your book
Meditation Secrets for Women. It has personally freed me and lifted great weights of expectations in meditation from my heart and soul. I frequently give copies of the book as gifts to family and best friends. It is a treasure; thank you!!!!” Mary Jo in San Jose, California

"I want to thank you for a sensitive, extremely well written and informative document regarding meditation, insights, and the virtual feast of knowledge and inspiration contained within this manuscript.  I can truly say it is the finest book I’ve read regarding meditation, the process, and the essence of the feminine link embodied within mind body and soul – an aspect I needed to more fully understand, appreciate and become more sensitized to for my own spiritual growth. My only slight regret is the title – “secrets for women” – which may deter some men from reading this book and delving into their feminine side which is so vitality important in terms of balance for humanity. Many blessings..." - A male reader

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The 12 Secrets:

Secret #1: Celebrate Your Senses
Secret #2: Honor Your Instincts
Secret #3: Claim Your Inner Authority
Secret #4: Dwell in Your Inner Sanctuary
Secret #5: Be Tender to Yourself
Secret #6: Answer the Call
Secret #7: Ride Your Rhythms
Secret #8: Say Yes to Every Part of Yourself
Secret #9: Rest in Simplicity
Secret #10: Do Not Fear the Depths
Secret #11: Love Your Body
Secret #12: Live It Up

Read an excerpt from the Introduction

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MEDITATION SECRETS FOR WOMEN Correspondence Course: Join women around the world in this deep journey through the 12 Secrets. Read more here.

The synergy of women gathering together can be very liberating, revealing, and powerful, not to mention fun!

Many women are gathering together to create Meditation Secrets for Women study groups, using the book to guide their discussions and meditative experiments. Each of the twelve Secrets offers journaling questions, body explorations, movement, and female-friendly meditation practices. The book is also being used as a reference for classes on women's studies, spirituality, body awareness, movement, and creativity. If you'd like support for creating and sustaining such a group, contact Camille.

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MEDITATION SECRETS FOR WOMEN is now available in German, Dutch, Czech, and Japanese. Friends in Germany can find MEDITATION GEHEIMNISSE FUR FRAUEN in bookstores and on The Dutch translation, MEDITATIE VOOR VROUWEN; ONTDEK DE RUST IN JEZELF can be found at 

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